About us


CRUSADE Logistics is proud to be recognised as one of the safest and most effective fuel distribution providers in South Africa. This is made possible through the passion and training of all our dedicated staff who work smart, and utilize the technological advanced tools we equip them with, enabling them to achieve remarkable results in a highly volatile industry.

CRUSADE Logistics was founded on the principal of bringing our services to a select range of clients in a way that is safe, efficient and always contributes to our partners success. This means that we have taken the time to focus on and develop a comprehensive service offering to better serve our clients, and seamlessly expand the business to the ultimate benefit of everyone involved with us.

What we do

We intimately understand our customers’ needs, to not only ensure his sustainability in the market place but to encourage and support growth through our high standards and performances to which we are held accountable. We strive to be a health and safety leader in our industry, allowing our valued Customers to partner with a world – class operator who consistently strives for best practices and corporate governance. We are driven to be the best employer in our field in our Country.

What we stand for

Primarily operational excellence and an uncompromising approach towards HSSEQ are key drivers to our success. Consistently having the courage to do the right thing and the confidence in our staff to execute our core values and that of our customers. To be an industry leader by procuring and deploying the best technology in our industry. Strengthening long-term partnerships with our Customers through enhanced efficiencies and reduced costs, mutually growing market share as one Team.

Our Core Values









One Team










Illuminating paraffin











We have focused on making sure that our range of services are of the highest quality, and include these listed products which we distribute.

Our service offerings range from secondary distribution of retail and commercial customers to primary distribution, aviation to airports and lubricants to the mining sector.

CRUSADE Logistics (PTY) Ltd started operation in October 2015 and is a Level 2 B-BBEE QSE Company as determined by the revised codes of good practice Amendment act 2013 which were drafted into effect on the 1st of May 2015.  The shareholding is as follows:

51% black shareholding

30% black female shareholding

As a Level 2 empowering transformation partner, CRUSADE Logistics enables our valuable customers to recover 1, 25 of spend through procurement recognition and a further 1, 2 of spend through enhanced recognition. In addition to procurement recognition and as a CRUSADE Logistics QSE partner, the transformation charter also allows various other benefits to be derived through the new codes, (these benefits can also allow CRUSADE Logistics to reduce logistics costs) and is ideal for BEE sensitive projects

CRUSADE Logistics has been in operation since OCTOBER 2015 and has grown from strength to strength in the two year period. The business is predominantly operating in the petroleum sector and Company standards and procedures are aligned to global standards as prescribed by the oil industry multinationals. The business partners have over 38 years of supply chain management experience in various sectors of logistics

On the operational front, CRUSADE Logistics has earned the reputation as an industry leader in transport standards and disciplines as highlighted by FleetWatch magazine after two indepth assessments and published articles. The Company is regarded an established blue chip transporter, remarkable even though the business recently celebrated its two-year birthday on the 29th of October 2017. A few achievements to date are:

Travelled over 2 million kilometres accident free


160 million litres delivered safely


680 days incident free


Over 360 safe deliveries


RTMS Accreditation 2016/17


Supplier of the year Caltex EC 2016


98.02% Customer rating in excellent category (On time and in full)


97.32% Customer rating in excellent category (Communications on delivery progress)


Top 20 finalilist in Regent Highway Heros competition


Scored 100% in BP Global standards audit (December 2017)


Our integrated and holistic partnerships we have with our customers have substantially supported their transformation strategies, maximising their preferential procurement spend and allowing them to invest in a QSE partner who is a world-class service provider.


Craig Eric Scott

Craig Eric Scott has over 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry and developed his expertise in the logistics business as Shell transport’s outsourcing Lead. He was also the marketing and operations director for Bulktrans, and the operations director for Tanker Services Fuel and Gas.

During his time spent as general manager of Nonke petroleum, he managed 81 vehicles and 200 staff members. Under his supervision, his tanker services teams safely delivered over 1.8 billion liters of product and averaged 20 million kilometers per year.

Craig is an absolute powerhouse in the logistics sector, which is why we are proud to have him on the Crusade Logistics team.

Wesley Naidoo

Wesley Naidoo has 6 years’ experience in the petroleum industry but has quickly made a name for himself during this time. Before joining us, he served as depot manager for Chevron Wentworth Terminal, where he oversaw deliveries to 120 secondary sites and 496 million liters of fuel a year.

His absolute dedication to his staff and profession has earned him a slew of awards on an almost yearly basis. These include the 2015 Chevron Strategic partner award, the 2014 Chevron Haulier of the year in the Coastal Region category, the 2014 World Class Operational Excellence Award for Chevron Wentworth, and the 2012 service excellence award for Chevron BM South.

Wesley is quickly becoming one of the petroleum industry’s people to watch, and his place in the Crusade Logistics team is an undeniable asset to our success.

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