Big Boy

My Hipster Big-Boy is a blown-up version of my Performance Hipster – I have used this model because of its versatility. This Big Boy will accommodate anyone from a beginner to the intermediate surfer. It allows the beginner to improve rapidly down the line as he / she gets better at surfing, and doesn’t necessitate the acquisition of a new board too soon, as the board does not reach its performance limits until the surfer is proficient enough to be able to transition to a full high performance stick and make full use of it. The heavier and older surfers have being looking for a board that looks “sexier” and transcends the Mini Mal look. This model does this well.

The Hipster has proven itself in the past in smaller sizes and that is why I have opted to increase this model’s sizes. They now range in size from 6’6” to 7’10”.  My main goal is to make sure that the Big-Boy is stable, paddles like a Mini Mal for the beginner, yet provides the performance aspects of a shortboard for the intermediate surfer. Instead of feeling limited as ones surfing improves,  it will allow you to enjoy and thrive on the feeling of “improving” as you tackle more demanding performance waves! There is nothing worse for a surfer’s improvement if they feel limited by their equipment.

The basic fundamentals of this model are it’s moderate nose rocker and extra volume  distribution throughout, especially in the nose area. This makes it easier to paddle, and to catch waves. The more waves you ride the more fun you will have and the faster you will improve – simple logic and this underpins the thinking behind this model! The main feature of the Big Boy Hipster is its tail section. It has a “hip/break” in the rail, narrowing the tail area. This makes it easier for you to ark off through turns, with the board retaining its speed and putting the feeling of “looseness” under your feet, no matter whether you use it in a Thruster fin set up or as a Quad.

What I am doing here is offering you a board that you can progress and improve on, that will take your surfing to the next level, but with the emphasis being on having fun – isn’t this why we started surfing in the first place!  I have seen some of my jaded old mates get off this model looking like the young groms they once were, and young beginners look like confident old-timers after a just weekend at the beach.


Wave Type

Hollow Beach Break, Reef Break & Point Breaks.

Technologies: PU, Epoxy & Stringerless

Shipping worldwide. Available in most good surf retail.

Shapers Notes:

My main goal is to make sure that the Big-Boy is functional, and paddles like a Mini Mal, carrying plenty of volume, and can be ridden as a  beginner board. It provides the performance aspects of a shortboard for the intermediate surfer and offers a limited number of functions which improves one’s surfing.  It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of thriving on improving much quicker, as you tackle more demanding performance waves!












21 1/4

21 1/2

21 3/4



22 1/4

22 1/2


2 3/4

2 3/4

2 3/4

2 7/8

2 7/8

2 7/8

2 7/8

2 7/8


42.3 Lts

44.5 Lts

46.3 Lts

48.2 Lts

50.6 Lts

52.7 Lts

52.3 Lts

54.1 Lts

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