What’s on Offer

The vision, mission and objectives of the South African and Africa Chapter is aimed at supporting and developing its members who are employed or directly engaged in implementing municipal property rates and valuations in South Africa and Africa.  One of the key users of the support is identified as Local Government and municipalities.

Education and Training

The IAAO SAAF Chapter as part of its aims and objectives, will continually strive to research, develop, source and make available an MPRA body of knowledge for members to continually develop themselves, the industry and their employers and clients they serve.   The body of knowledge will be channelled through education and training programs on municipal property rating and valuations.  The IAAO SAAF Chapter through its link to the Main IAAO network has access to an international body of knowledge to offer up-to-date educational programs and training through online courses, lecture courses, and dedicated workshops. The primary common body of knowledge that continues to be researched, developed and offered are –

  1. Working within a legal framework
  2. Collecting and maintaining property data
  3. Developing and maintaining cadastral data
  4. Valuation of property
  5. Managing a valuation office / Functions of a municipal valuer
  6. Managing objections, appeals, and complaints
  7. Public relations and guidance
  8. Oversight and compliance review
  9. Property rates administration and rates tariffs budgeting
  10. Ethics and standards

Membership Application

2018 Available Memberships

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP Available to all officers, officials, and employees of a governmental authority or jurisdiction who have any or all of their duties related to municipal property valuations, property rates administration, or property rates policy functions; all persons engaged as individuals, or employees of an organisation, who exclusively spend their time to provide professional services to governmental officers, officials, or officers of a governmental authority or jurisdiction in support of municipal property valuations, property rates administration or property rates policy functions. Professional services do not include the providing of hardware, software, equipment or the sale of either goods or services to governmental agencies. In order to apply for membership please take note of the following instructions.

  • Download the PDF application form below.
  • Complete and email a scanned signed copy of your application form to the email provided together with the proof of membership payment.
  • We will communicate to you on the email and details provided on your application for membership updates.

Download the 2018 Membership Application Form