About NMK Forensics

About Us

NMK Forensics is 100% black-owned, managed and controlled entity, managed by professionals with several years of practical experience within the public and private sector.
NMK Forensics offers a variety of services to assist the public and private sector to enhance their internal control and minimize the risk of crime.
Corporate crime, if not fixed, is not just a business risk, as it may lead to a systemic collapse of the enterprise. With the advancement of technology couple with a flourishing business environment, a number of new risks and threats both to the private and public sector have arisen. These threats require concerted effort to mitigate and/or to reduce to acceptable levels.


To be a leading forensic auditing and investigation organization in South Africa.


Based on our vast practical experience coupled with our relevant academic achievements, we shall offer a world class service which is purpose driven and exceeds clients’ expectations.

  1. Transparency
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Purpose driven
  4. Integrity

NMK Forensics values education and in our efforts to give back to the community, donations have been made to schools in the under privileged districts. These donations include laptops, TVs, printers and smart boards to enhance their learning experiences.


As an employer we recognize excellence in our staff and opportunity is provided to advance in the field of forensics and auditing. We aim for continuous development and place employees in various chosen programmes to advance their careers.