Our Forensic Services

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Forensic Auditing and Investigations
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Data Forensics
  • Risk Management
  • Skills Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Policy Development
  • Corporate/Business Intelligence

The Details


Forensic auditing is a fusion of conventional accounting, auditing and financial investigations. NMK Forensics uses a toolset of technologies and skill to enable clients to prevent, detect and investigate various forms of “white-collar crime” and other corporate impropriety.


Computer forensics is the science of gathering, retrieving and evaluating electronic data fro the purpose of stopping or preventing computer fraud; for gathering and preserving digital evidence for a criminal investigation or; to recover data accidentally lost or deleted.
Our team specialises in:

  • Data recovery & Security
  • On-site Acquisition
  • Electronic Risk Control & Advise
  • Document Discovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Litigation Support
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Cyber Evidence retrieval and securing
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Information Extraction from Mobile Devices

NMK Forensics offers a specialised consultation service for managing risk to both public and private sector clients. We use international standard to assist our client to develop or review their risk management systems.
NMK Forensics approach is holistic and flexible to accommodate our clients’ needs and focuses on both internal and external drivers of risks which may be project specific, organizational or enterprise-wide. We develop/revise, implement, monitor and review our clients’ risk management plans and policies.


Our combined experience and education, has presented us with an opportunity to share our skills and assist organizations with skills development.
Our team which include SAQA accredited team members are skilled to develop, present and facilitate many skills deployment initiatives covering most fields.


Our team comprises of skilled individuals in all areas of HR. Our team is also geared towards assisting organizations at different levels of the dispute resolution process which includes: labour disputes in arbitrations; and disciplinary hearings.


One of the off shoots of Risk Management and Forensic Investigations is policy development and formulation. Policies should not only be the catalyst of the vision of an organization but must be crafted in such a way to prevent fraud, corruption and other malice.
Our team is geared towards understanding policies and aligning them in a manner that efficiently propels the policies towards the organization’s vision.


In order to ensure the efficient utilization of skills and resources, all the investigations are conducted on a project based approach. Hence, a project leader is appointed to the investigation and, a project plan is drafted with timelines, resources and a budget.
All this is done in consultation with our clients. The project based approach to audits and investigations ensure that the client is accurately billed and the available resources used efficiently.