Month: February 2018

Fracking The N3 Corridor

Don’t Fiddle with our Water Factories The water-bearing ecosystems – grasslands, forests and krantzes along the N3 Gateway are under threat from companies wanting to explore for unconventional gas. These ‘water factories’ of Mpumalanga, KZN, Free State and North West are essential for our survival, especially with the ever-increasing drought in the areas where many of our strategic rivers originate. South Africa is a water scarce, semi-arid country, and less than 10% of the land in South Africa generates half the water we have available in our streams, rivers, and dams – the water factories. These include the Vaal...

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Tenikwa – Wildlife Rehabilitation & Awareness Centre

Much of South Africa’s wildlife is being forced to adapt to surviving on urban fringes as more and more open spaces become transformed into human dwellings. This continued escalation over the last decade has created a steady decline in our wildlife population. The Founders of Tenikwa, recognising the growing need for intervention, as early as 2002, have since played an important role in working consistently towards reversing this unfortunate trend. Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre is ideally situated in one of the most biodiverse hotspots along South Africa’s Garden Route, (a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) sustaining 43% of South...

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